Electricity officially generated at Tibet’s Boluo hydropower station

2016-04-21 13:53:44 | From:China Tibet Online

A few days ago Boluo hydropower station, located in southeastern Tibet’s Zayul County, successfully connected the county to the power grid. This helped put an end to the historically low local power supply of only 10kV and effectively alleviates the problem of regular power cuts.

Penpa Tsering, executive vice mayor of Zayul, said: “In recent years power has stopped two or three times a day during winter, which has had an impact on production and living.” Power supply from Boluo hydropower station has greatly helped local infrastructure projects as well as production and business operation. Electricity costs will be significantly reduced and it will also help the four surrounding towns in establishing a local area network.

Reporters learned from Tibet Autonomous Region Water Resources Planning Survey and Design Institute that Boluo hydropower station has only one power-generating unit. On completion of the Zayul local area network, three other units will go into operation, satisfying the electricity demand for all towns in the county.


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