Respect, learn, abide by and use the Constitution:Wu Yingjie

2018-04-25 10:07:10 | From:China Tibet Online

Wu Yingjie, Party chief of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region recently emphasized the need to thoroughly implement the Xi Jinping Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, asking all to firmly establish constitutional awareness, respect, learn, abide by and use the Constitution in a bid to continually launch new phases of work in governing Tibet.

Wu made the instruction when he presided over a study meeting on the Constitution for the regional Party committee.

Leaders from across the autonomous region including Lobsang Gyaltsun, Qi Zhala, Ding Yexian, Norbu Dhundrup, Danke, Zeng Wanming, Jiang Jie, and Benpa Tashi attended the study meeting. Wang Yaqin, a professor in the Political Science and Law Department of the Party School of Central Committee of CPC, made a speech.

In the speech, Wang Yaqin expounded on the meaning and function of the Constitution and gave a comprehensive history of China’s Constitution and current constitutional revisions. A detailed explanation on how to strengthen the implementation of the Constitution was given.

As presiding over the meeting, Wu Yingjie pointed out that the Constitution is the fundamental law of the country and the general method by which to ensure national security. He said it is also the basis for comprehensively implementing governing the country by law. Departments at all levels throughout the region must deepen their understanding of both the far-reaching and practical significance of constitutional revisions, earnestly promote the spirit of the Constitution, strengthen studies of the Constitution, enhance constitutional awareness, and uphold the authority of the Constitution.

Wu emphasized that the new constitutional amendments record important theoretical viewpoints and major policies as defined by the Party’s 19th National Congress into China’s fundamental laws. The amendments affirm the Party’s leadership, and the people’s right to manage themselves, which is conducive to upholding and perfecting the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, advancing the modernization of national governance and capacity to govern, and provide a solid constitutional guarantee for the realization of the China dream.

Wu Yingjie said that these constitutional amendments establish a guiding position for the Xi Jinping Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in China’s political and social life, and incorporate the Thought into the Constitution is a major reform measure to improve the socialist political system with Chinese characteristics, and a major political plan to uphold the authority of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core.

Wu Yingjie also pointed out that efforts should be made to strengthen constitutional study, by utilizing schools and training platforms at all levels to increase the intensity of disseminating knowledge of laws, vigorously publicize the law, deepen interpretations of the law, and create an atmosphere wherein the spirit of the Constitution has a real impact on people and strikes into people’s hearts.

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the implementation of the Constitution, especially in Tibet, and to study and formulate laws that safeguard social stability, oppose separatism, and strengthen national unity within the framework of the Constitution.

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