How to beat high altitude sickness

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As the weather gets warmer, Tibet is issuing in a new tourist season--and with it come more visitors to Tibet First Aid Center needing to breathe oxygen.

Miss Zhang flew from Beijing to Lhasa. She didn't expect that she would have any reaction to the high altitude, but after her arrival, she found herself dizzy and with chest pain. A friend rushed her to the Tibet First Aid Center where a doctor examined her and sent her to an oxygen room to rest.

Tibet First Aid Center medical personnel told reports that as tourist season begins, the number of patients who have reactions to high altitude drastically increases. To prevent high altitude sickness, you should pay attention to the following points:

Tip 1: Get a medical checkup to better understand your current state of health.

Tip 2: Mind your health: before coming to the plateau, make sure you aren't sick.

Tip 3: Plan ahead: before leaving, start taking roseroot medicine.

Tip 4: When arriving on the plateau, make sure that you are stocked up on whatever medicine you may need once high altitude sickness sets in.

Tip 5: If you start feeling ill in the train station or at the airport, seek out an attendant and explain your situation. Seek out help.

Tip 6: After arriving on the plateau, don't exercise vigorously. You will need plenty of rest to recover from high altitude sickness.

Tip 7: If your discomfort is severe, promptly seek out medical assistance or go to a hospital.

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