Tibet Airlines launches six new routes

2016-03-30 09:01:51 | From:China Tibet Online

Starting on March 27th, the summer-fall seasonal changes for domestic airlines will be in full effect for 2016.

Tibet Airlines will optimize all of its routes and launching these new routes: Lhasa-Mianyang-Nanjing, Lhasa-Dazhou-Hangzhou, Lhasa-Kunming-Shenzhen, Lhasa-Changsha-Qingdao, Lhasa-Xining-Beijing, and Chonqing-Xiamen.

Tibet Airlines’ seasonal changes are designed to make the network more efficient, and expanding the number of flights to coastal cities. The new route linking Lhasa-Changsha-Qingdao will cross important Tibet-supporting provinces such as Hunan and Shandong. New routes added will also help the three locations stay connected in all industries.

The new Lhasa-Xining-Beijing route will be based on the Lhasa-Beijing direct flight by adding one more stop via Xining, as well as adding one more daily flight to Beijing. In addition, new routes will include cities such as Hangzhou, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenzhen and other popular coastal cities with strong tourism and market needs.

“Opening these new routes will not only meet the needs of people traveling for pleasure and business, they will also increase the communication between coastal cities and Lhasa.” Personnel at Tibet Airlines explained.


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