Desert tourism in NW China enters high season

2018-05-08 08:48:32 | From:China Tibet Online

Chinese and international tourists visiting Yueya Spring in Mingsha Mountains

Tourists riding camels in the Dunhuang deserts

Stream of camels at Minsha Mountain, Dunhuang

Sightseeing visitors at Minsha Mountain, Dunhuang

A busy day at Yueya Spring

Tourists at Yueya Spring

The throng of visitors at Yueya Spring in Minsha Mountain, Dunhuang

During the May holiday, Minsha Mountain in Dunhuang of Gansu Province, a cultural and historical stop on the Silk Road, has attracted tens of thousands  of domestic and  international tourists, achieving a local tourism high season.

According to the Bureau of Tourism of Dunhuang City, on April 29 and 30,  the six major scenic districts of Dunhuang saw a total of 59,160 domestic and international visitors, with 26,991 visitors to Yueya Spring inMinsha Mountain.


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