Believers celebrate the Glorious Goddess Festival in Jokhang Temple

2015-12-15 15:00:52 | From:China Tibet Online

Photo shows believers worship the Palden Lhamo in the Gallery of 1,000 Buddha of the Jokhang Temple. According to tradition, on November 25th, or the 15th of October in the Tibetan calendar, the Tibetans observe the Glorious Goddess Festival.

Around 5:00 a.m. before dawn believers arrive to the Jokhang Temple to worship the Palden Lhamo. They celebrate the autumn harvest through burning aromatic plants, prostrating and worshiping. They also pray for peace and happiness in the coming year.


Photo shows that believers bring barley wine down to the center and pour it into the wine pot. They then take drinks from the bottom of the wine pot. Believers regard that, as it passes to the bottom of the pot it is blessed by the goddess, and that it can bring happiness and good fortune to them.

Photo shows Tibetan women dressed in ethnic costume sing and dance in the Gallery of 1,000 Buddha in the Jokhang Temple.


Monks and believers worship in front of the Jokhang Temple Square.

Believers burn aromatic plants in front of the Jokhang Temple Square.

Photo shows burning incense on the Jokhang Temple Square.

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