Cast of a Tibetan film appear at Golden Horse Film Festival in Taiwan

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Cast of Tharlo [Photo/Agencies]
Cast of Tharlo [Photo/Agencies]

The Golden Horse Film Festival opened its first red carpet night this year on Nov. 16, 2015, in Taibei, capital of Taiwan Province. Cast of the Tibetan film Tharlo, including director Pema Tseten, main actor and actress Sid Nyima and Yang Xiucuo, along with videographer Lv Songye, walked the red carpet wearing Tibetan costumes.

The director said, "we feel pretty honored to bring a movie filmed in Tibetan language to Taiwan". On behalf of Golden Horse, Chairman Zhang Aijia congratulated them on their nominations.

Tharlo was adapted from one of director Pema Tseten's short stories, describing the Tibetans' living circumstances and epitomizing the inner confusion within some of the young Tibetans.

The film has been selected for the Venice Film Festival for the horizon unit, and it was also nominated for four awards in this round of Golden Horse: best feature film, director, adapted screenplay and cinematography.

Cast of Tharlo [Photo/Agencies]
Cast of Tharlo [Photo/Agencies]

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