1,500 new words, expressions added to Tibetan vocabulary

2018-05-03 10:25:08 | From:Xinhua

Nearly 1,500 new words and expressions have been added to the Tibetan vocabulary.

A national committee on standardization of the Tibetan language released the words and expressions, which have largely emerged in Mandarin Chinese since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in late 2012.

The addition covered areas of politics, technology, economic and social life, including phrases like "build a community with a shared future for humanity," "virtual reality," "live streaming," and "digital currency." Most of the standardization focuses on popular online expressions, according to Zheng Dui, chairman of the committee.

Tibetan is a millennia-old language mainly spoken in Tibet Autonomous Region and Tibetan areas in four provinces, with subtle variations across the regions.

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