Tibet’s 10 intangible cultural heritage inheritors' skills recorded

2015-12-17 16:19:42 | From:China Tibet Online

Lhasa Nangma Dance[Photo/China Tibet News]

Recently, the skills of ten national-level intangible cultural heritage representative inheritors were recorded, China Tibet News reported.

Ngawang Tenzin, deputy director of Tibet Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center said, in accordance with China's Ministry of Culture requirements, since 2015 the artistic skills of four senior inheritors have been recorded, including Gar Dance, Lhasa Nangma Dance, Nyemo Tarong Tibetan opera and Tibetan medicine. Currently, there are 68 inheritors in the first batch of the national-level intangible cultural heritage list in Tibet, but unfortunately, 11 have died.

Ngawang Tenzin said that, modern techniques were used in salvaging the skills such as digital multimedia and others. The intangible cultural heritage knowledge and superb skills of the representative inheritors have been comprehensively and systematically recorded in order to leave future inheritors, researchers and users of intangible cultural heritages with valuable materials.

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