Beijing's mayor visits Tibet for poverty alleviation work

2018-04-23 10:12:01 | From:China Tibet Online

Chen Jining, mayor of Beijing, capital of China, led a group of delegates to the country’s southwest city Lhasa to further promote Beijing’s support for the region’s poverty alleviation work from April 15 to 17.

On the first day, Chen Jining and his delegates drove to impoverished villages in Nyemo County to investigate poverty alleviation projects and visit local residents. On the second day, the group also visited two more impoverished counties, Damxung and Dulong Dechen, to conduct inspections.

One by one, Chen Jining learned about different aspects of poverty alleviation including funding, techniques, markets, sustainability, and jobs and incomes of impoverished farmers. In the farmers’ homes, he inquired about their incomes, daily necessities, medical care, schooling and etc..

With regards to poverty alleviation, Chen Jining said that priority should be given to the quality of poverty reduction, focusing on preventing returns to poverty.

He stressed that three points, namely improving the system, the project’s accuracy, and satisfaction of the people should be used to measure the effect of poverty alleviation work . The first goal should be to target poor populations and bring 100% of impoverished people out of poverty. The second should be to focus on consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation to prevent people from falling back into poverty again. Third, increase the intensity of ecological poverty alleviation efforts and give priority to ecological protection, making efforts to ensure that impoverished people who protect the plateau continue to increase their incomes. Fourth, increase poverty alleviation efforts in the environmental industry and support Lhasa in becoming stronger in competitive industries, helping local industries create their brands and expand the market. Fifth, deepen exchange between different ethnic communities, promoting the integration of ethnic groups and national unity in order to help lift the poor out of poverty.

Wu Yingjie, Party cheif of the Tibet Autonomous Region, expressed his sincere gratitude to Beijing for its long-standing support of all kinds of work in Tibet. It is his sincere hope that Beijing will increase its efforts to support science and technology and human talent development in Tibet.


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