Tibet to build and renovate more toilets

2018-03-20 10:40:22 | From:China Tibet Online

Southwest China's Tibet plans to build and renovate 1,934 toilets along major highways, in scenic spots, in business locations and at gas stations as well as in counties, townships and villages by the end of this year as a breakthrough in toilet sanitation problem has been made in areas with fewer water resources, according to the Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Department of the region.

Due to economic restraints, toilet has been always a factor affecting the quality of people's life in China's vast rural areas, thus a "toilet revolution" has been carried out from the end of 2017.

In many pasturing areas of Tibet, there basically have no toilets with lower level of industrialization, though there was no environmental pollution, the local residents' lives suffered.

As a result, the building and renovation of toilet has been put on the agenda of local Tibet government.

The Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Department of Tibet conducted an in-depth investigation to consider how to coordinate the toilet design with Tibetan culture, countryside character and natural environment.

A kind of water-free flushing and environment-friendly toilet was introduced by Tibet to solve the sanitation problem in areas with less water, achieving a success after five pilot ones were built for a trial in tourism attractions.

Up to now, Tibet has completed the building of 270 toilets among the 456 ones that have been under construction. 

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