Tibet sends hydropower to Qinghai, reducing CO2 emissions by 97,700 tons

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The surplus in Tibet central electric grid and hydropower delivery has normalized. As of October 23, Qinghai electric grid (in total) admits 319 million kilowatts equivalent to 97,700 tons of CO2 emissions cut from the Tibet Central electric grid, according to China State Grid Qinghai Bureau on Oct.29.

Tibet's hydropower resources contains 210 million kilowatts, and is important to China's sustainable energy base also known as "West powers the East." In addition, the main stream of the Yarlung Tsangpo river is the most reliable source of Tibetan hydropower being sent out. With seasonal factors affecting Tibetan water supply, the Tibetan Central electric grid summer hydropower will be in relative surplus, exceeding demand and its long term existence.

Zhang Hongping,director of Regulation and Control Center of Qinghai Power Company said that the delivery of 319 million kilowatts of power (equivalent to 39,200 tons of coal) from central Tibet to Qinghai province got fully received, which effectively met Qinghai's demand.

Zhang Hongping said, delivering hydropower has broken the bottleneck of Tibetan hydroelectric grid’s clean development,improved efficiency of resource management, implemented methods of resources allocations. With each passing day Tibet’s hydropower delivery is notably benefiting the economy and society.





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