Spring along the Lhasa River

2018-04-25 15:31:42 | From:China Tibet Online

A poem once said, "in spring, river flows east". However,  the Lhasa River rushes to the west all the year round before joining the Yarlung Tsangpo River.

In spring, water in Lhasa River is crystal clear with birds sporting on it; trees on the shores have bloomed; people have shed their heavy winter coats and are enjoying the spring sunshine with families and friends.

The Number Three Gate is a great destination while enjoying a spring tour along Lhasa River. A man-made lake with rippling waters sits in the east, where non-migrant birds frolic.

The riverfront park is all green in spring, combined with Potala Palace in distance and snowy mountain peaks further away. The sight is stunning. Looking west, Lhasa River flows calmly under the busy Liuwu Bridge. Visitors at dusk would surely be tempted to write a poem of the scene.

Next to the lotus flower sculpture in the riverfront park, schools of fish swim in the water. The fish, birds, and bridges all make one appreciate spring.

In the eastern part of the park sit several boats. Park employees could be seen resting during a break. This is the calm before the peak tourism season. In a few weeks, there'll be bustling with tourists sailing down Lhasa River.

South of Sun Island has been busy for a while. A bridge is under construction; many major machineries are operating, while workers are hard at work. Lhasa River seems to flow even more rapidly. Across the river, the brand new southern ring road is busy with traffic, also adding vitality to Lhasa in the spring.

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