Must-buys when traveling to Tibet (II)

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Tibetan jewelry comprises pearls, agate, jade and gold and silver products. Generally, the quainter the jewelry is, the better the quality. One can buy jewelry at the flea markets on Barkhor Street in Lhasa or at various tourist shops. They have everything one could wish for: jewelry worn around the neck, on the wrist, hanging from the ears or around the waist. Some of the jewelry is large, but it still looks appealing hanging in your room at home or in public places.

Tibetan carpets

Gyantse carpets are the most prestigious of Tibetan carpets. Gyantse carpets are also known as Gyantse mats and they already have a history of more than 600 years. Cotton yarn is used to make the warp and wool is used to make the weft. They are known for their refined quality and remarkable durability; they have colorful and attractive patterns and don’t fade easily. The patterns on the carpets display rich ethnic tradition; some depict two dragons playing with a pearl, some flowers and birds and others ancient landscapes.

Carthamus tinctorius is also known as safflower. It originates from Egypt but also has a long history of cultivation in Pakistan, India and other places.

Safflower can be used as a medicine and helps promote blood circulation. It grows in large quantities in eastern, southeastern and southern Tibet and has great prospects for future growth.



Cashmere is a rare type of special animal fiber and a precious textile raw material – abroad it is called “diamond fiber” and “soft gold”. Cashmere is the hair combed off goats and the wool produced is of the highest quality.

Tibetan masks

In Tibet masks are called “Ba” and they are a kind of handicraft derived from religious art. They are divided into three types: religious masks, Tibetan opera masks and folk song and dance masks. In Tibet, whenever there is a major religious festival, each temple will hold a sacred ceremony at which various masks are used including ghosts, protector gods, immortals and others. Due to geographical differences and different uses, Tibetan masks appear in a number of colors and forms.

Nyemo Tibetan incense

Nyemo Tibetan incense is incense produced in Tibetan Autonomous Region’s Nyemo County. Nyemo County has a long history of producing incense. It is popular among the masses due to production processes that don’t harm nature and a unique formula of raw materials. Nyemo is one of the most famous places in Tibet for producing incense. Nyemo Tibetan incense is not only used at Buddhist activities, but it also can be used to kill bacteria, get rid of dirty air, prevent influenza and other epidemic diseases; it is harmless to humans and can also enhance sleep, amongst other unique medical effects. The production technique used is included in China’s second group of national intangible cultural heritages.

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