Makerspace founded in Nagchu in southwest China's Tibet

2017-12-28 15:35:35 | From:China Tibet Online

With the aid from Jiaxing City of east China's Zhejiang Province, a makerspace providing professional service for innovation and entrepreneurship has been established and put into operation in the Nagchu County, southwest China's Tibet.


Nagchu stands at an average altitude of over 4,500 meters, and could be as cold as 30 degrees Celsius below zero, along with low oxygen content in the air.


"Constrained by the special natural conditions, Nagchu is less attractive to investors and talent, and business here are very few. With the founding of the makerspace, we're hoping to guide local college graduates to start their business and to set up some companies suitable to Nagchu to promote local people's employment and get them out of poverty," said Li Dong, secretary of CPC Nagchu County Committee.


The Jiaxing City provided 150 thousand yuan (23 thousand US dollars) as fund for the improvements and facilities of the space, and will continue to provide 350 thousand yuan (53 thousand US dollars) per year as operational expenses till the makerspace enable to receive special fund from the government.


Since last year, the makerspace  in Tibet has grown rapidly, with  a new group of micro-businesses with ethnic character and cultural features  emerged. As of the end of October in 2017, the number of market entities in Tibet has surpassed 220 thousand, which is 15% more than the previous year.


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