Large-scale epic drama Princess Wencheng reopens

2018-04-24 09:16:34 | From:China Tibet Online

It is learned that epic drama Princess Wencheng reopened on April 20.

Princess Wencheng, a large-scale Tibetan culture epic drama, takes place against the backdrop of Lhasa's natural mountains and rivers, telling the story of Princess Wencheng's journey and the hardships she encountered on her way to Tibet.

This year's performance has changed a lot from that of previous years'. The lighting, staging, set design, and plot have all been upgraded to make the Princess Wencheng performance the best it can be.

"This is the sixth year for the Princess Wencheng performance. Each year we revise and improve the performance. This year in particular we have improved the quality," Bai Ji, the assistant director and artistic director of the performance, told reporters.
Princess Wencheng has a total of more than 1,000 performers and extras, 95 percent of whom are local farmers and herdsmen. These people have their regular work during the day, and at night they participate in the performance. Extras can earn three to four thousand yuan (477 to 635 US dollars) each month, effectively increasing their incomes. In addition to those acting in the performances, Princess Wencheng provides other work for local villagers with more than a hundred jobs in security, cleaning, service and reception, and administration and logistics.

As a live-action representation of Tibetan culture, Princess Wencheng contains dozens of Tibetan intangible cultural heritage pieces like drol dance, Tibetan opera, and lama mani, a kind of folk art of storytelling and singing. Through exquisite artistic and modern forms of expression, the performance fuses precious elements of Tibet's intangible cultural heritage with modern art.

Editor: Tommy Tan.


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