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2018-03-22 10:05:22 | From:China Tibet Online

"My wife is ethnic Monpa, and I am a Tibetan myself. My daughter-in-law is Han Chinese, so my grandson is one-fourth Tibetan, one-fourth Monpa, and half Han. We call him the 'unity ethnicity'." When Dorje Tsering, head of the National People's Congress Tibet Delegation that visited Thailand and Japan, said this, the audience burst out laughing.


Since 2009, there has been a special delegation within the National People's Congress: the National People's Congress Tibet Delegation.


Over the past 10 years, the Tibet Delegation, made up of delegates who are native to Tibet, have gone abroad on 16 official visits, traveling to more than 20 countries as well as the European Parliament, and meeting with foreign officials, parliamentarians, experts, scholars, and overseas Chinese to discuss economic and social development, religious freedom, preservation of traditional culture, and the ecological environment in Tibet.


In June 2017, the National People's Congress Tibet Delegation visited Thailand and Japan. The five members of the delegation all came from grassroots and shared their personal experiences and feelings in plain language to paint the true and lively picture of the lives of ordinary Tibetans.


During a discussion with representatives of the Thai-Chinese Cultural and Economic Association and Japanese scholars, the Tibet Delegation broadcast the short video "Beautiful Tibet". While watching the video, participants posed questions to the delegates. Thus, what was supposed to be a two-hour discussion turned into a four-hour event, and the atmosphere was alive with exchange.


Satsuki Eda, former president of Japan's House of Councilors, said that he was touched by the delegation's objective introduction of Tibet and their sincere attitude. He said that the Japanese people's understanding of Tibet is mainly  through the media, and some information might get distorted. This face-to-face contact with the Tibet Delegation was necessary, important, and useful for gaining a comprehensive and objective understanding of  Tibet.


In addition, the delegation also actively invites representatives of foreign governments to visit Tibet.


In April 2017, Senator Daines of the U.S. led a delegation to Tibet where they visited Jokhang Temple, the Potala Palace, and Sera Monastery, observing people's devout worship and monks' sutra debating. They also visited Barkhor Street and came into contact with local people, walking with the pilgrims.


Senator Daines said this trip to Tibet left him with an unforgettable impression. He said that Tibet has a unique culture and beautiful natural environment and is undergoing important economic development, and it is also an important tourist destination.


Editor: Ana Wu

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