Macao holds int'l parade to mark 18th anniversary of return to motherland

2017-12-17 21:42:04 | From:

The government of China's Macao Special Administrative Region on Sunday afternoon held an international parade to mark the 18th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland.

With the theme "Feature of Local Districts and Historic Monuments", the parade attracted more than 60 participating groups from the Chinese mainland, China's Hong Kong as well as foreign countries including Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Austria, France, Cape Verde, among others.

The parade featured a series of performances such as folk dances, acrobatics, stilt walking, Chinese martial arts and puppet shows.

The parade started from the renowned Ruins of St. Paul's and finally ended at Sai Van Lake Square, where the groups took to the stage one by one.

The parade, one of the major cultural events in Macao since 2011, was organized by Macao's Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Macao government Tourism Office.

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